A Tale of Two Cars…

by Frank Peditto 7. October 2010 13:25
In the transportation business we witness a lot of strange occurrences, some of which we share in this blog, others of which we tell at conventions and industry events. In the world of relocation, it’s always an adventure. It’s not often that you have two of the exact same vehicle: yea... [More]


Surviving the Summer Season…

by Frank Peditto 14. September 2010 13:28
In the relocation industry, especially within the transportation sub-segment, the summer months are always the busiest. Typically we see a healthy spike in activity in June, July and August, which allows us to prepare in advance for the seasonal increase. This year, due to the sluggish economy, ... [More]


Shipping Vehicles In the Moving Truck: A Wise Choice?

by Frank Peditto 2. August 2010 10:09
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When Things Go Wrong...

by Frank Peditto 8. July 2010 10:15
It’s a fact in the transportation business. Whether you transport pets, cars or household goods, there is something that is bound to happen during the shipment or delivery that creates an issue or, as we refer to it, a ‘service failure’. While service enraged and frustrated transfe... [More]


VINs: Why We Need Them?

by Frank Peditto 11. June 2010 09:47
We’re often asked a lot of questions regarding the information we require when transporting a vehicle for a customer. One of those questions is why we need the vehicle identification number or VIN. While there are hundreds of car models on the market today, it’s not uncommon for... [More]


Loading Your Own Vehicle – Not Recommended

by Frank Peditto 27. April 2010 12:00
Owners are often very attached to their vehicles. It’s not uncommon for owners to name their car, providing it with a real identity. While I personally have never named a car, I am very loyal to my vehicles and try to keep them in top shape, protecting my investment, so I can somewhat relate t... [More]


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