Top 10 Tips When Moving a Vehicle

by Frank Peditto 2. February 2011 13:13
The last few months, I have focused this blog on customer service, which is always critical in our industry, but this month, as we prepare for the busy seasons of Spring and Summer, I am focusing on they key items, or ‘Top 10’, that transferees need to know when they ship their vehicle. So here they are, in no particular order.
  1. Make sure your transportation company has an active phone number for you where they can reach you both at origin and destination.
  2. If your vehicle is not running, be sure and let your transportation company’s counselor know as soon as possible.
  3. Do not cancel your insurance policy.
  4. Ensure that you have two complete sets of keys for your vehicle.
  5. Make sure that your vehicle is completely emptied of any personal items prior to shipment.
  6. Replenish coolants etc. prior to shipment, especially during inclement weather conditions.
  7. Disconnect all alarms.
  8. Remove any non-permanent items such as ski racks etc.
  9. Remove or retract any antennae.
  10. Have less than one-half of a tank of gas in the vehicle, but ensure that it’s not completely empty (i.e. the gas light should not be on).

Share these ‘tips’ with your transferees and please post a comment to this blog with any additional ones you might also recommend.


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As the President of ReloTrans, Frank Peditto is responsible for the vision and growth strategy of the company as well as overall leadership. A veteran of the transportation and logistics fields, Frank possesses more than eighteen years of leadership and thirty years of customer service experience.