Moving Your Car – The Top Three Questions, and Answers


You’re moving and you need to ship your vehicle. Here are the top three questions we receive and the answers to them.

1. Question: Should I cancel my insurance while my vehicle is in transit?

Answer: No. You should not cancel your insurance. Your vehicle is covered by transportation insurance, however an active standard automotive policy is required (at least comprehensive) to cover ‘Acts of God’ and glass.

2. Question: Can I ship other items in my vehicle?

Answer: No. The transportation insurance coverage provided covers only the vehicle itself, which means that anything shipped within the vehicle is not covered. It’s always best to ship any personal items with your standard household goods move. The only exception is child safety seats. We also recommend that you keep your registration and proof of insurance in the vehicle during transport.

3. Question: Does my vehicle need to be in running condition?

Answer: No. Non-running vehicles can be shipped. It’s important that you notify your transportation carrier well in advance to let them know, as special transportation requirements may be required.

Additionally, we regularly receive questions around timing and delivery. Each instance is really a case-to-case basis depending on the total miles, timing and accessibility at both the origin and destination location. It’s always best to perform due diligence and not just select the transportation company with the lowest cost. Check on insurance and licensing in advance.


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