Shipping Your Car? – Remove the EZ Pass, Please…


Typically, when a transferee is moving his or her vehicle cross-country, questions focus around insurance coverage, timing and what transferees can or cannot transport within the vehicle. As an organization that works with thousands of transferees each year, assisting them with the relocation of their vehicle, our relocation counselors have also discovered a very important new piece of advice – don’t forget your ‘EZ’ or ‘Fast’ Pass. When we refer to an EZ or Fast Pass, we’re talking about the transponder that a vast majority of Americans use today in their vehicles to automatically pay tolls and fees on state and federal roads and highways. These transponders, which continue to gain in popularity due to the convenience and often discounted rates, are most often affixed to the front windshield using Velcro or double-sided tape, and – in the world of vehicle relocation – they’re becoming the topic of a lot of conversation.

The scenario is rather obvious while being somewhat obscure at the same time. Transferee prepares vehicle for pick-up. Auto transporter picks-up vehicle and loads it on the car carrier. Transponder is left in vehicle (affixed to the windshield, in the glove box, or elsewhere). Car carrier travels from origin to destination – most often times passing through dozens of automated tolls. Collection is automatic, so driver would have no way of knowing which transponder was being charged until they receive their monthly statement. Transferee’s car is automatically charged – and the rates are significantly more than a traditional passenger vehicle. Auto transporter delivers vehicle to transferee. Transferee then receives their statement for charges and witnesses hundreds of dollars worth of transportation fees. Believe it or not, this is happening more frequently than you may think.

Before panic sets in, these issues are always resolved, but it requires additional communication – and time – for the transferee, the relocation company, and the auto transporter as well. So, if you’re moving your vehicle, take our advice and remove your EZ or Fast Pass from the car in advance. Play it smart and safe and save yourself the aggravation in advance.


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