International Transportation

Our reach extends far beyond the continental United States. In addition to shipments to and from Alaska and Hawaii, we offer international transportation services to Canada, Mexico, and more than 150 international destinations.


Our relocation counselors, who serve as the transferee’s single point of accountability throughout the move, are all trained experts in international relocation and each understands the documentation, transportation, and customs requirements for each of countries we service. They work with the transferee, and in accordance with client policy, to ensure the most effective and efficient means of international transportation is selected.

For transferees requiring international assistance, we offer both containerized and roll-on/roll-off options:

Containerized Shipping

Secure containerized vehicle shipping to nearly any global location. Each vehicle is placed in a container, 20’ or 40’ depending on the number of vehicles, thoroughly secured, locked and transported via ocean freight to any global destination.


While not available in all ports, the vehicle is driven onto the vessel and secured directly to the ship’s deck. While the vehicle is not placed in a container, it is positioned in an area of the vessel protecting it from the elements.

For each international shipment the ReloTrans relocation counselor will work with the transferee, in accordance with client policy, to ensure that the most cost effective and efficient transportation method is utilized.

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