Handle With Care – Offering Special Assistance with Blue Bark Shipments


As we look back at yet another extremely busy year, our team here at ReloTrans is also reflecting on a new type of relocation support we’ve been called on to assist with in the past year: Blue Bark Shipments.

According to the Department of Defense, Blue Bark is defined as US military personnel, US citizen civilian employees of the Department of Defense, and the dependents of both categories who travel in connection with the death of an immediate family member. It also applies to appointed escorts for dependents of deceased military members and the term is used to designate the personal property shipment of a deceased member. Sadly, over the past 20 years, there have been an average of 1,000 to 1,500 military deaths annually.

As a relocation service company, our organization had been called upon over the past year to assist in the vehicle shipments of deceased military personnel. In most of these cases we have worked with a family member, an individual mourning the lost of a loved one, to coordinate the logistics and assist in making the process as smooth as possible, all skills we employ with any and all relocations. But, in this instance, our relocation counselors are also tasked with delivering an additional level of support; recognizing that any incremental service we can provide will be of great value to the family.

Our team is also trained to advise our agents as to the specific circumstances of Blue Bark shipments and urged to go above and beyond.

Being in a service-based business, our team, across the board, is aware of how important delivering superior customer service is for our clients and their transferees. Blue Bark shipments require an even higher level of support and sensitivity.


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