Giving Back – Wounded Warriors


ReloTrans is a small company in a niche industry. Our team is tight knit. We value our local community and make every effort to give back whenever possible. Team members regularly volunteer locally and we have also partner with Move for Hunger.

Recently we had the opportunity to meet and work with a young military veteran who is part of the Wounded Warrior Project. The soldier and his family had to relocate temporality for him to receive treatment and then they settled back in their home in San Diego. He’s also in the midst of retirement; an enormous transition both personally and professionally.

In appreciation for his dedication and service to our country, we surprised him by covering the cost of his vehicle transportation both to and from his treatment facility. He was overwhelmed and shared with us his sincere gratitude. For us, it really touched home, especially as we celebrated the birth of our great country this fourth of July. His story (and emotionally touching voice mail) was shared throughout the office, bringing some team members to tears, but making everyone proud of the simple assistance we can (and do) provide to help others.

This is just one example, but we truly pride ourselves on being good citizens and giving back when we have the opportunity to do so.



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